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Outward Remittance & Foreign Currency for Mega  Bank

Mega  Bank

Limited to Hsinchu branch or the office in NTHU

 (Need to show your school’s ID when you arrive at the branch)

  1. Outward RemittanceTransfer charge NTD350 (including the postage and telecommunication fees.)
    • Applicant only pay outgoing transfer charge.
    • The fees withheld by the paying bank or intermediary bank from the remittance pursuant to the local banking customs when the remittance is transferred overseas shall be borne by the beneficiary.
  2. Trading Foreign Currency and Traveler’s cheques (no handling fee)


Discount rate

U.S. Dollar

NTD 0.03

Hong Kong Dollar

NTD 0.01

South African Dollar

Swedish Dollar

Thai Baht

Japanese Yen

NTD 0.001

British Pound

NTD 0.05


Australian Dollar

Canadian Dollar

Singapore Dollar

Swiss Franc

New Zealand Dollar

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